The beginning of i thought nothing

It was an ordinary day for me. Yeah, a boring and nohing much life. 20 year old, single , no boyfirend since birth and a loser.

I was very down that moment, too shy, too afraid to go out, why? Coz, i was not able to pass the exam. And my paraents were too boastful about it. Ok! Lets. Skip this part.

Well, yeah i bought a new phone. Since i was very curious about this chat app. So  i try downloaded it. Welyeah as expected, i was very amused. Since i was looking for a boyfriend, a long distance boyfirend just to ease my loneli ess inside. Just a cyberboyfriend at first, just my plan but who knows!

 I get to enjoy this app a get new friends and new pass time. And by the way i was having my self-review that time coz mama and papa well never allow to to take any review center ever again coz i fail. I get to mangae my time. At morning, all i have to do is study until afternoon. Never get out of my chair i gues it was u til midnight. Just aliitle snack and continue. As i have the app i chat after 12mn until 3 am. I was relieved by it. I can sleep weel even though i just slep for 3 hours. My pressure was  lessen and i feel a quite easy.

Then i have these sutor in chat. Same profession as mine. We get along he call me at get my mood but somehow i dont feel like it. I feel that he's serious that time but i get to ignore him. I ignore him in a group chat and i even change my name, a pice of cake.

Then one day i meet this guy. He was just like a big brother to me, well, his aura too. He gives advices to eveyone and sometimes get naughty too. I never expect i would like this guy. Beacuse of his  aura i feel comfortable in him we got exhange fb accounts and numbers.  Then one day he courted me, i just go with the flow. Just answer him and go with it. I never realized this would happen to me. Somehow i got this thribbing pain whenever he chat and calls me. At first it was fun and i get to enjoy out sweet nothing. Its nothing really coz i realy dont mind it. Until i woke up one day, he texted me as usual and call me as usual. My heart beats fast. I really cnat explain how or when or what.

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