what a day today

A quite day to day! We woke up at 7 am almot 8 i guess. Directly i make our breakfast. A toasted bread for papa and. Omelette for me. And for my my little fella well, i made him scramble egg but it seems he dont like to eat egg today. So papa gave him 2 packs of biscuits, the plain one. Kittle feela like it while wathing  the boss baby movie on the tv. While me and papa doing some work. A homework for our extra income for us to build a house soon.

Little fella enjoy his breakfast together with hos friend. Our neighbor's son. Hes a quite  a bulky but i can tolerate him. In that case i was cautious when having just the two of them. Kids are kids.

At 11nn papa went to work early coz he need to wash the bike. Just make it clean a little because he hadnt clean it since lat week.

Little fella sleep at 12nn. Yeah he sleep a lot, when, just when i hug him when he sleep
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