Memorial ceremony in Paris terrorist attacks "countered with wisdom to violence"

PARIS current affairs] 130 people is 13 days, which celebrated its one year from the Paris terrorist attacks who died, memorial ceremony of the victims, such as France stadium and the city of Batakuran theater of the attack has been Paris suburb Saint-Denis has been Itonama. Hollande president and Hidalgo Mayor of Paris attend. With mourn the victims, was a renewed determination to prevent a recurrence.

 The ceremony starts from the stadium. Son Michael's Manuel Diaz, who was involved in the explosion and died at the scene complained as "must compete with the wisdom and knowledge to the violence."

 The ceremony restaurant district east of Paris, is also done in Batakuran theater, read aloud the names of the people who died in each place, he has released a plate chopped the name.

 Hollande president declined to speak at the ceremony. While approaching the presidential election next spring, it is seen that there is a thought to avoid being criticized as "utilizing ceremony the politically".

 In the evening, to implement the event that private victim support groups shed a candle to the canal near the theater.

 Paris terrorist attacks will occur on November 13, 2015. Extremist organization "Islamic State" (IS) restaurant street about 10 people run group that received instructions to the stadium from, stormed the theater at the same time, shocked the world. 
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