9-year-old girl is in Saitama arrested unemployed woman of serious injury suspect in the hit-and-run

Saitama prefectural police Yoshikawa station is four days, on suspicion of automobile driving punishment law violation(inflicting injury) and traffic law violation (hit-and-run), was arrested Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture Matsudo unemployed, Kamiya nitrous rust suspect (32). It admits the suspect. 

 Arrest suspect 4 days 4 pm 40 minutes around, driving a passenger car in the prefectural road Y-junction intersection of Koubou Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, girls of elementary school four years of the city, which has over walking on the pedestrian crossing the (9) proof is that as they fled. Girl was seriously injured, such as both feet bruise. 

 According to the police, at the time of the accident, girls, but it was in the way home from school in the children a total of six people was not injured in the other. Kamiya suspect stops at about 300 meters away, and returned to the scene in the car of the subsequent men. Police are investigating the detailed cause of the accident.
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