"Popteen" Nozomi Maeda one after another echo to "love dance" complete copy cute smile

[Nozomi Maeda / model Press = November 30, 2008 - "Popteen" model "before I" this and Nozomi Maeda 30 days, updating its own Instagram. TBS drama of Yui Aragaki starring actress has been showing off the "It's escape shame but useful" ending movie "Love Dance" of (every Tuesday at 22).

the hash tag in front of the I is "tried dancing # love dance" accompanied by the video public. Videos with processing the myriad of heart pours, complex hand choreography also complete copy.

Guests can hum occasionally, while smiling embarrassed smile, has been showing off a cute dance.

◆ "love dance" boom does not stop!

MIKIKO's director choreographer, known for such as Perfume dance was in charge of the choreography "love dance" is, cute choreography is the topic immediately after the drama start.

Even on the net, complete copy the video called "I tried dancing love dance" has been a large number posted, five piece dance with entertainer and vocal group · Da-iCE (dice) and sextet dance vocal group Fairies, Nogizaka46 of Sayuri Inoue and Mio Hori Nana, such as Yuzuru Hanyu players of the men's figure skating is to show off the "love dance", is showing the spread.

Also in this time of Maeda of the video, "cute over! Angel!" "Would also looked at many times too cute," such as one after another comment has been submitted.

◆ also new developments in the head family "love dance"?

In addition, the head family "love dance" of the "escape shame" is, Takashi Fujii to 27 days, Erina Mano, Kotoko Yamaga, Ryo Narita public for a limited time at a different version of the official site is dance. Further development has also been notice, is called the topic
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