Let us know the "norovirus", "rotavirus"

Chilly day has been increasing.

This season feel the winter is approaching you come to be heard the word "norovirus" and "rotavirus".

Both, annually viral gastroenteritis prevalent in winter. What does it have a feature each?

This time let's explain this norovirus and rotavirus.

◆ features of norovirus

First of all from the norovirus.

Norovirus from adults to children, is susceptible to infection by the virus to all of the people. Infectivity is very strong, it may lead to a pandemic.

It will occur gastroenteritis symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever. Among them, violent vomiting is characterized by symptoms, is enough, which may last for half a day.

Such as vaccinations and magic bullet has not been found so far. So, it is important to prevention also treatment anyway to discharge the virus.

I repeated vomiting and diarrhea for that, but we use the very strength. Elderly and infants require special attention.

◆ of rotavirus feature

Rotavirus is a susceptible virus in infants, most can take in less than 5 years of age. Predilection time (likely to occur time) has become a lot to be epidemic from getting to the second half of the 2-4 May and winter.

Among the symptoms of gastroenteritis, severe diarrhea and over 38 ℃ of high fever is characterized by. Flights will come in white watery feces, such as the "rice of the abrasive juice".

Rotavirus is also a lot, there is a high risk of severe prolonged case about a week symptom. Dehydration and, convulsions due to high fever, because the impact on the brain may be considered, you must be careful.

There is no silver bullet to the rotavirus, but there is a vaccine, can be taken in any.

◆ measures and prevention methods to the norovirus, rotavirus

Measures to norovirus, rotavirus, is to ensure the basic hand washing the.

The predilection time, let's always be a carefully hand-washing, gargle or more.

So is where nasty virus is not defeated in soap and alcohol disinfection to say.

The most of the route of infection, infected persons vomit and defecation. It will spread more and more scattering the virus is in the air.

Valid to the norovirus and rotavirus is the antiseptic solution that sodium hypochlorite. If the family had been infected, it is done quickly disinfection, such as clothing and floors soiled with vomit and have become important.

Recently, those able to use immediately diluted to a concentration suitable for disinfection are sold in drug stores. As soon can respond to an emergency, it might be a good idea to standing one.

Also infection, such as from raw oysters has been seen every year. The epidemic period, the bivalve is a good idea to eat those as much as possible heating.

Norovirus vomiting even those susceptible to infection elderly and adults in the main symptom.

Rotavirus is a severe diarrhea is the main symptom, there was a feature, such as susceptible to infants.

Epidemic is cause and it is difficult to escape the infection, but thorough and hand washing gargle, let's survive the winter in the ingenuity, such as not going out in the crowd!
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