The announcement continues until the evening from the morning 9:30.
Participating schools are nine high schools, it is also 18 of a total of nine universities,
announcement time is 8 minutes and the short of it is,
is the reason that the question for this is provided the same about of time.
Question of faculty of the University achieved a target, we are caught off immediately weakness!
Public executions for the probably presenter.
Long followed by a painful time.
Lecture with all of the announcement is finished.
Then will be meeting also joined members of the jury but
will everyone get along, we talk shy name agriculture also in other schools students and fun.
Fellow each other was surely experience the same shambles.
Wrapped in a feeling of opening, I think that tasted a pleasant time.
Well results are what the Grand Prix award at the high school parts.
It continued to achieve two consecutive last year.
Content is sometimes once introduced here "wipe".
Wipe the development of which can be eaten raw without Aku excl.
2 years over the outcome was seen at last.
Also turnip of research also was awarded the Encouragement Prize.
Half of the department of the current high school National College of Technology.
Just had a fairly advanced technology development
was not to give up, third grade 4 people who received this kind of reward.
We were able to make good memories in Kyoto in late autumn.
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