During "Pokemon GO" tourist bus driving barrel operation Add Video

Ryobibasu Kansai Company 41-year-old male driver of the Osaka branch 

 Ryobi Holdings (HD, Okayama City) is four days, male driver of Kansai Company Osaka branch Ryobibasu under the umbrella of (Osaka Kadoma City) (41) of a tourist bus during operation, it announced that it had been operating the smartphone game app "Pokemon GO". Video taken the state to the video sharing sites has been posted, was also found the driver. Further investigate the situation, such as date, time, and location. 

 According to the Ryobi HD, information about the videos were received on October 31, he was investigating. Video is about 20 seconds, the driver while traveling is grip the handle with your left hand, is reflected is how to manipulate the smartphone with the right hand. Troubles such as accident is seen that there was no. 

 Ryobi HD of the person in charge has been said, "there are not very sorry that should not be. Strive to prevent a recurrence." That consider the disposal of the driver.
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