Aki Higashihara, had undergone emergency surgery in otitis media

Judo Japan men of talent of Aki Higashihara Yasuo Inoue supervision of his wife (33) is four days, the official blog, reported that it has received a take emergency surgery in otitis media. 

 Own is "from severe pain ... the morning of the middle ear to return to finish the picture while dizzy today the right ear did not hear, but not sitting came out too painful tears about how the pain of the day ... marked "expresses the intense pain of the right ear. 

 Locate and was admitted to otolaryngology the meantime has been diagnosed "because quite swollen and whether the view state in the otitis media drugs After seeing ask There is also a kana and things in the cut," said. "Cut without hesitation because I wanted to fix right now! Anesthesia to It hurts N personnel also then to was completely normally painful in the sense there was kana? Feeling of anesthesia ask cut eardrum (sic)" and of enduring the pain that was decided on surgery. 
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