2016 Kanagawa Championships

AKIMOTO Akiko, guest posing in 2016 Kanagawa Championships.

Akimoto player of guest pose, after finally showed off the "T Walking" in the normal fitness bikini, it was concluded and decided to pose with an umbrella again.
Cute in the pretty, yet I think that it was the guest pose with sexy impressive.
In addition, I think that the possibility of a guest pose in player fitness bikini, me beautifully cut open.
In the future, somehow second place there were many grades, it is the best if it is possible to raise another.
Or more, was the pattern of the guest pose of Akiko Akimoto players.

Next time, we will try to introduce the guest pose of this also became a helluva thing (explosion) amicably Yoshiha player (laughs).
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