Paris terrorist attacks, Sting's performances to the scourge of Hall Resume

Last year 90 people in the autumn of Paris terrorist attacks is a concert hall "Rubatakuran" which was sacrificed 12 days, resume sales. Comeback that was before the 13 days is 1 year from terrorism. British rock singer Sting's stood on the stage, along with the mourn the victims, that life there, that deliver the joy of it to enjoy the music.

Hall side four days, was announced. In the terrorist attacks that a total of 130 people in cafes and soccer field near lost their lives, Rubatakuran the biggest victim came out location. Terrorist group during the performance of the United States of the band broke, they were randomly fired automatic rifles into spectators.

"Upon resumption, mourn the person who dropped the there are two big mission. Life, that engrave in memory. Then, they can honor the life and music of this hole is to embody" Sting's in its own web site of the comments and . Revenues that donated to support groups of victims
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