500 people more than the bus waiting at the JR Takasaki Line operation suspended Ageo Station

JR a failure occurs in the signal system at the Takasaki Line, Tokyo - between Takasaki, of Shonan Shinjuku Line Maebashi - trouble that each top and bottom lines between Odawara has suspended the operation for a long period of time. In Saitama Prefecture Ageo JR Ageo Station, at around 1 pm, to wait for the bus transport transfer more than 500 people, was making a long line of matrix. 

The city of temporary staff, Makino YukariTaka's (39) "If you are poor only. Kidney for five hours near the left does not come train, was about to go to the hospital. Line up for the painful". In addition, the city's high school students, Jutake Hinako's (17) shrugged his "in the school holidays, had been waiting with a friend has been delayed about four hours from the morning. Is the first time so waiting was" cold and likely the body. 

Even in JR Kita-Ageo Station that communication cable is damaged, dozens of people had been waiting for the service resumed at the station yard at noon too. The city of male company employee (65), which came to see the situation on the bike was not moving train If you come in too o'clock "7. Has come once fresh start is to look at a few times. I stopped the company's operations spoke in tired and want to go faster, "facial expression because by that.
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