Kubozuka Yosuke, bicycle theft victims report ... apology in memory difference

Actor Kubozuka Yosuke with (37), had called for the information provided as there was in the theft of bicycles in Osaka city, as was the memory difference of the stop location, reports that the bike has been found I apologized and "I'm sorry".

Kubozuka is four days, on Twitter "last night, late at night, has been Charipaku in candy village ..." and report. To publish photos that were transferred along with the bike in the figure that was fancy dress at the time of Halloween, called for "those who saw, tell me more."
The body of the bike quite characteristic such as the logo of the label "AMATORECORDZ" of Kubozuka to act as a "swastika LINE" of reggae artist is written large, also from the fans, "Wowーーー, I think there was good this bite courage "" the bite is, I took a hell of it ,,, "" awesome bike is courage. voice like it's in the Toka acquaintance of AMATO "would Barre had been asked immediately.
But then, "Well, I very sincerely difficult it is the location, but that was stopped because it was certainly drunk ,,,,, I involuntarily and has put her change, uh, I did not witness information were received ,, Anyway, !! there was bicycle "and reported on. It has been asked is warm voice as "glad I found" from the fan.
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