Attention Mature lack of vegetables in the "new malnutrition"

Conventional, malnutrition are those that come from a low-nutrition, the modern people of overnutrition had been believed extraneous. But in recent years, it seems to more and more people become malnutrition to eat properly three meals. Malnutrition of these modern type are referred to as "new malnutrition". The new malnutrition that often in the elderly. Meal with rice porridge center, because it does not almost take the meat and fish, but the main reason is to become a protein deficiency.

More recently, that has an increasing number of cases that fall into the new malnutrition even in their 40s and 50s of the men of the prime of life. "The prone is middle-aged and older men in their 40s and 50s, malnutrition to lack of vitamins and minerals" says is, Mr. Chisato Hirai of registered dietitians to serve as "Practical Nutrition Guide" in AllAbout. The new malnutrition that middle-aged and elderly men fall into is, in many cases due to the lack of vegetables. Or finish a meal only in the rice ball, because have a bad diet of nutritional balance, such as eating a bowl of single item.

When it comes to new malnutrition, likely to catch a cold, other symptoms such as attention is insufficient, there is also a case that depressive symptoms come out of. In order to prevent this important to eat good "balance if. For it is difficult to Nikki conscious, lunch is has become the pick and may. Staple food and main dish and side dishes is set set meal, with nature become balanced diet."
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