0-year-olds of accidental death, drowned in the bathtub suffocation 8 percent, projecting 1-year-old

Consumer Agency is 2 days, announced the results of an analysis of the 2010-14 year 14-year-old happened in five years or less of the child's death 2030 review. By age most 0-year-olds of the accident is 502 items and was suffocation due to the fact that the approximately 80% of futon cover or face, or clog things in the trachea.

Deceased municipality is created for each person the "demographic survey questionnaire death" were analyzed in the original.

0-year-olds are there accident review 160 choking at bedtime, in the analysis of the situation, face is filled, such as the mattress (33), bedding is wound around the neck, covering the face (17), the bed and the wall gap sandwiched between such as (13) stood out.

Water of the accident (a total of 466 cases) is, drowning 189 of the outdoors, such as the sea and the river, drowning in the bathtub of 165. The accident in the bath many projecting 1-year-olds is the 54, it was found that the increased risk in the time of the toddler. Outdoor drowning of a 7-year-old and 14-year-old often.

Fall accident from the building (92) was concentrated in the 3-4-year-old begins to move actively (a total of 32 cases). It falls from the residence such as a veranda and windows accounted for 74 percent.

In total, the accident happened place residence is 31 percent, road and parking lot was 27 percent. 1 position of the specific cause of the accident age, any traffic accident except for the 0-year-old. Accounting for 64 percent of the entire six-year-old following the accident, accident prevention measures preschooler has emerged as an issue.

Contact meeting in the analysis results of the relationship 9 ministries to share information about the accidental death of a child within the government has been shown. That consider that come up with preventive measures during the year.

Ryuko Yamanaka chairman of the tackle to accident prevention of child NPO · Safe (Safe) Kids (Kids) Japan (Japan) (pediatrician) is published, "and of the unknown was the 0-year-olds of suffocation in the traditional statistical situation for analysis results While the point can be evaluated, fall and drowning is only a summary of the past statistics, meaning there is no that information shared between ministries and agencies. investigate without as long as this time, he said it should be published on a regular basis as a result. " there.
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