Of the original German representative GK Wiese, WWE debut! Villain is also not heeded and "I have been hated in football."

Local time on November 3, Tim Wiese of the original German representative GK that turning from the foot borer to professional wrestler has been a topic, was finally up to the ring of American professional wrestling organization "WWE". 

Received a full-scale solicitation of Triple H, who is a vice president and top wrestler of WWE, Wiese was off to a career as a wrestler entered into an agreement as a training student, was competing in the six tag match that took place in Munich. 

Antonio Sezaro (Swiss), Seamus Wiese that teamed the European tag along with the (Irish) shows off a powerful wrestling that take advantage of the huge form. Submerged in the mat the opponent in the body press, he decorated the majestic debut as a professional wrestler and took the 3 count. 

By the way, "The Machine" first battle of the Theresienwiese, which was given the nickname of, degree of attention in Germany such as the Bundesliga's official Twitter muttered a "Congratulations!" Seems to be higher. 

The match against the British media, "BBC" before, "Do not because this challenge is the largest class of organizations in the so-called the Champions's League .WWE wrestling world. I concentrated face with" Wiese which stood word and gives to himself the role that has been has been told as follows. 

"I I will continue being pushed as a villain. I, there is no problem doing anything. I mean, I'm a fan is Do not. I totally okay because it was the villain of the more want to insult even in football" 

to start the challenge of a different color in the win was it Wiese, but this time only performance only of the House show. It has not been relayed to the whole world. Way for the original German representative GK is going to step up as a wrestler, only just begun.
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