Sakai of unknown boys, search in the mountains ... father "abandoned the bodies."

There is a resident registration in Sakai city north district Kajimoto TatsukiRi TatsukiChan (4) whereabouts become unknown from about three years ago, parents in the arrest have been incidents in the alleged fraud of the child allowance, of father Table SuguruTo examine the suspect (35) Osaka prefectural police, that you are statement as "(of TatsukiRi chan) was abandoned the body in the mountains near the Nara prefectural border" it has been found in an interview to the investigation officials.

 The police on the basis of the statement, the prefecture in the corpse abandonment charges from four days in the morning Imperial Palace MeningosepticumWe started a search in the mountains of the city. The police investigate the detailed events that led to the abandonment.

 According to the investigation officials, Zhuo suspects initially arrested, for TatsukiRi-chan of the eldest son, but told I like "was abandoned the bodies into the sea", immediately. However, "in the story, which was abandoned in the sea lie, in late May this year (Osaka, Nara Fukenkyo lies) did in .1 who threw away from the road side of Mizugoshitoge" to become recently and that began a statement .
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