7-year-old assailant> match arrested DNA type in the injury alleged

2009 underground shopping center of JR Yokohama Station (Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi), women in the phantom killer case that has been stabbed with a knife, the Kanagawa prefectural police door department four days, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture west Ube North 4, self-proclaimed karaoke shop employee, Ito, Kenji suspect who the (45) announced that it had arrested on suspicion of injury. That has admitted the charges as "irritated Shiteya' was." 

 Arrest suspect the same year March 1 0 pm 20 minutes around, near the stairs of Yokohama Station east exit underground city "Porta", has been with the stabbed with a knife from behind the left hip of women in their 30s in the way. I asked "Where is the hotel", that was stabbed after a woman answered. The site had been left a fruit knife with a blood. 

 Women are talking to at the time, "was stabbed by a man who does not know", police were investigating as a phantom killer case. And the DNA type of Ito suspects that have been collected in the investigation of another incident in around February this year, that the DNA type was left at the scene of the Yokohama match.
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