"Large Highness" to rise from the end of the farewell

Taisho, Showa, Heisei and survived the upheaval of a century, in his later years is a parting of the Mikasa MiyaTakashiHitoshi customers that were familiar with the "large Highness" is a lot of people but spared. 4 days in Toshima Oka cemetery (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), was Itonama in solemn "ceremony of (twin)". When Dohi Yuriko customers of chief mourner who attended in a wheelchair figure (93) of worship, rising in front of the coffin, which is the last farewell to Prince Mikasa customers who Tsureso' many years.

 Coffin was paid hearse is 9:00 am around, quietly starting formed a motorcade. While Imperial Guard Band is playing the funeral march of Chopin, and after slowly Mikasa Kyutei of Akasaka patronage land is postponed to the staff (Minato-ku Moto-Akasaka). In the major temple of the Imperial Palace Imperial Household Agency officials are waiting in a row. Deep bow and 9:00 for 20 minutes around convoy morning pass in front, saw off to quiet the MikasaMiya clients.

 Convoy arrived at the cemetery in 9:30 too morning. When the funeral songs of Gagaku "bamboo forest music" is played, Sojo was wrapped in a solemn atmosphere. Among the chief mourner deputize Mikasa Miyake Akiko customers' (34), et al. It is the royal family watch, hearse carrying the coffin slowly altar to before. Yuriko customers to cover the face with a black veil take up to shoulder, follow the hearse in a wheelchair, I went to Sojo.

 When the coffin is enshrined in the altar, Yi of Sojo starts at 10 o'clock am, high priest was reading the Matsurishi (priest) that describes the life and achievements of MikasaMiya clients. After the war, active in various fields as such as scholars and Folk Dance Federation president of the Ancient Orient history, in his later years even in the contents that had a day-to-day calm in the Mrs., Yuriko sama tilted quietly ear sitting in a wheelchair.

 Then, Yuriko sama emperor, and subsequently to the messenger of the Empress proceed to the front of the coffin, offering a sacred Shinto tree branch stood up from the wheelchair, was worship. Also followed by those Crown Prince and his wife and Akiko clients et al royal family with a deep bow, was a farewell to MikasaMiya clients.

 Representative of the relatives and various circles, people, et al also one after another worship there was friendship. MikasaMiya sama is a fan, Sayuri Ishikawa and the singer that there has been such as ante-mortem exchanges go to the concert, was also seen the figure of Caroline Kennedy Ambassador US Ambassador.

 The roadside of the peripheral cemetery, a lot of people trying to farewell made the column. Student that went to Tokyojoshidai, housewife of Mitaka City, that enjoyed the folk dance to MikasaMiya customers and lunch break to stand platform (79) is "dance is not only your good to professional grade, your respectable person really gently was was. one is to feel that era is over, "said the story, while wiping tears with a handkerchief.