World determined ball of Cubs to 300 million yen more than? Tell the US media

Auction history maximum amount of baseball is 70 No. home run ball of Maguire
 Cubs 2 days (Japan time 3 days), Serikachi at 8-7 at the end of the extension to the Indians in the World Series Game 7, winning the world for the third time the first time in 108 years since 1908. Extension 10 inning, Indians last batter with two outs and first base of the scene, Martinez fell to the Sadogoro, Cubs have been freed from the "goat curse", the value of the official ball at the Cubs championship 300 million dollars ( about 310 million yen) is likely to climb to more than if the US economy specialized media "Bloomberg" electronic version is reported.

 World Series last out and became the official ball that Cubs first baseman lyso was gently closed the back pocket of the uniform. The featured has said, "The ball might have a value of more than sentimental. If draw 300 million dollars more than if put up for sale".

 Became the past $ 3 million more than in the auction, which was related to Major League Baseball, Maguire of the home run ball, which was recorded one of the season 70 home runs this in the Cardinals in 1998. Marked with the value of the ball to the $ 3,054,000 of 70 No. reach that has been issued to the auction (about 315 million yen at the current rate) in January 1999, it is certified to the Guinness World Records as the auction the highest ever amount of baseball It was. In this feature article, it mentions the possibility of leaving the value of championship ball even more than $ 3 million of the Cubs.

 Also in the article, founder Ken Goldin said of New Jersey, "Goldin-auction" is going to be one of the balls to be the most coveted in the baseball world of "modern. Team during the even 108 years, title There was no. a number of rich Cubs fan has commented that any means will also take "in order to obtain.

 This ball performs the official certification after the MLB side game, that is referred to as the returns to lyso, did not reveal what will the public relations department Whose possession of the Cubs.

 Historically the official ball used in the big event like the World Series, but says to be the property of Major League Baseball, the future ball became "History witnesses", how far will it soaring price.
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